Sunday, September 30, 2012

Formula1 Singapore 2012 (Part 2)

Before I continue, did I mention that one should be ready for the heat and prepare for a lot of walking. The area within the track is humongous and there can be pockets of crowded areas. On the other hand, there are lots to do: Free concerts, free rides on the Singapore Flyer, street performances, shop for F1 merchandise, watch for fireworks and sample the different food outlets.
These are the passes that would get you through the gates. There will be a different set for each day and there are people at the entrances with scanners to check the bar codes.
After donning my "Race Day" shoes, we were on our way to the races... (I had to add this picture, it was my only chance...)
One bit of advice though...It might be prudent to make sure to check on the best way to the venue and on getting back home after. I was warned that on certain hours of the night it will be difficult to get a cab. There are also additional surcharges that are levied on the passenger. For example, on Sunday, race day, if you get a cab from 9:30 pm to 12 mn, you will be assessed SG$8 plus an additional SG$3 if you call for a cab. MRT stations are also within walking deitance. It might be best to try and stay at a hotel near your gate.
Once you clear the gates, you will have to go through a gauntlet of outlets selling race apparel...

It may be a good idea to purchase a "survival kit" composed of ear plugs and a disposable rain coat. After all you are in the tropics near the equator and a sudden downpour isn't unheard of. They cost SG$2 and the proceeds go to a charity.
If you wouldn't mind going back to have a look at the second photo you will se a voucher booklet. The voucher has coupons that entitle you to a sassier survival kit (called an amenity pack), 2 snacks, dinner, supper (yes, for them, there is a difference), and 5 drinks.
There is an area within the grandstand to pick all of these up at your convenience.
The amenity pack includes a bottle of water, a fan, map, 2 scented moist towelettes, sunblock, an elastic ribbon for the hair, and of course earpugs and rain coat.
As for the food, I will show you the menu for dinner and supper that were prepared for Sunday and the drinks that are made available to you.

They sure know how to throw a party!
Getting on to the race...
Before anything, the track has to be checked for any debris that can potentially harm a driver or spectator.
Also, rescue crews do some rehersals in case of any mishaps.
I told you that the view from the grandstand seats were not ideal for photgraphy. You have to contend with the safety wire mesh. This was the one clear spot from my vantage point...turn #3, but the only photos are of the rear of the cars. (This is about the area where Hamilton's gear box blew...I could see the white smoke coming out of his car)
There are official photographers who get access to great shooting spots...

But the rest of us had to make do...
After the track is cleared, a few track officials go through the track to give the go-ahead. What a neat job...Clerk of the Course!
This is where the race starts, the track parallel to the pit lane just before turn #1.
It's time for head sets or ear plugs...
 And we're off...

After the race, it's time to watch a concert, get a drink, catch a ride on The Flyer, have a night on the town, spend time with friends, buy a shirt...the possibilities are endless...this is the F1...this is Singapore!

I didn't really plan on writing about the race or analyze the results. What I intended was to give readers an opportunity to appreciate the festivities of the weekend. If in the future you decide to attend the F1 in Singapore, I hope that this gives you that push and prepares you for it.

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