Tuesday, September 4, 2012

How I Got Started

This all started with an e-mail! To someone I didn't even know at the time.
Soon after Ateneo won the 2009 UAAP championship against long time rival DLSU, I found myself going through several internet sites with the hope of finding interesting sidelights. I came across Bleachersbrew.com being authored by Rick Olivares and realized in his writings that he had a lot more information that didnt see print. I decided to draft a letter introducing myself and inviting him to meet over a meal. Suffice to say that at that point he politely declined my offer. A few weeks later he invited me to join in on a seminar called "Sports Nation". I signed up and the rest as they say is history. I have become close friends with Rick since then and enjoy the times when I can break bread with him and pick his brain. He has also been instrumental in introducing me to a group of gifted individuals who have befriended me and given me the opportunity to learn and grow.
Photography has always been an interest. It was usually landscapes and architecture that were my subjects and I longed to branch out. I started shooting some games in a collegiate summer league in 2009. Soon after Kenneth and MYU gave me the opportunity to develop my skills taking pictures for a magazine they were publishing. There were also a few photographers who would guide me and give me pointers. Among them, Joseph and Arvin stand out and learning from them was indeed a great pleasure.
Recently I have been asked to contribute some pictures to Fabilioh (Thanks Philip!) and I am trying my hand at taking portraits with a twist. These pictures can be found in another blog called Portrait Drama. My travels have also allowed me to create World Passages.
Life can always have unexpected twists and turns that can be pleasurable and painful.  It is up to us to stand by and watch or get on board for a ride.The world is a BIG place and in it there are a whole lot of interesting things to learn about and see. Come take a peek...

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