Monday, October 1, 2012

Mind Games...

Otherwise known as trash talking, has been an accepted form of gaining an advantage by getting in the  opposing players head and under his skin.
In Philippine college hoops, no one can do this better than Ateneo's Ryan Buenafe, especially when goaded and he gets into it. Famously acclaimed by his coach, Norman Black, as having the highest basketball IQ in the league today, Ryan can be seen here in his rookie year trying to get into the bad graces of Erwin Duran of the University of the East. This photo was taken in 2009 his Sophomore year. The giant he is taking cover behind, just in case, is Center Rabeh Al-Hussaini.
More on Ryan gets better!
Sometimes all is takes is a harmless look to distract your opponent, and this is ably demonstrated by Kyle Neypes of NU against Justin Chua of Ateneo who appears to be blocking him out. 
Falcon Eric Camson whispers sweet nothings to Ateneo slotman JP Erram who appears to let it all hang loose.
Small talk seem to be the order of the day between Blue Eagle Frank Golla Jr. and a UST Growling Tiger. 
Here rookie Gian Abrigo of Adamson tries his luck with fellow rookie Kris Porter of Ateneo who seems more intent on ignoring him and cornering the rebound.
Now back to Ryan. Here he exchanges pleasantries  with FEU Tamaraw Mark Bringas who incidentally is the brother of Ryans high school chum Arvie.
On a whole different level, the rivalry between Ateneo and De La Salle University goes back to the times when dinosaurs ruled the earth (in other words, a long time). Almond Vosotros, a crafty DLSU point guard known for his three point shots can't avoid taking potshots at Ryan Buenafe as he prepares to take free throws at a crucial juncture of a Final 4 game in September 2012.
A few minutes later, with the outcome of the game more or less settled in favor of the Ateneo, Ryan gets the last word in.
There are time though that the situation can escalate and tempers flare. In a summer tournament also in 2012 Greg Slaughter of Ateneo seems to get into the nerves of opposing Mapua center Youssef Taha. After Slaughter feigns innocence, Taha decides he wants to settle the issue in a more intense manner. It's a good thing cooler heads handled the situation properly. It's also safe to say that Taha's stats in that game weren't so great.

Sometimes, although rarely, it can get mighty physical. Kris Alas of Letran (an NCAA team), wants to get better acquainted with the player from Perpetual Help who got him burning under the collar. Here he shows him the internationally renowned sign for "Let me give you a piece of my mind".
Basketball, it's a mind game!

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