Thursday, September 27, 2012


A friend of mine used to say that in college basketball having the ball in your hands is like a magnet. It attracts every one's attention and with a frenzied crowd screaming "GET THAT BALL!" it can send a chill down your spine if "THAT BALL" is being cradled in your arms.
In the rough and tumble world of a supposed non-contact sport, you either start running, hope you're a great ball handler or you pass the rock real quick. If not...
this may happen...

as demonstrated by former Ateneo bruise brothers Art dela Cruz and Jumbo Escueta. Well, I don't think they were actually going after the ball, but you get the idea. On the extreme right hand side of the image you see Adamson's Import Austin Manyara looking freaked or just wondering if he should try catching the loose ball. 
Next up, UST rookie Jeric Teng gets stopped cold by Ateneo's Frank Golla and Justin Chua on his way to the basket.
This time around it's Blue Eagle Nico Salva who gets forced to pass the rock by DLSU's Norbert Torres' and Papot Paredes' D.
All the action doesn't have to happen in the air. Here, former Ateneo point guard Emman Monfort tries to smother FEU's Terrence Romeo as teammate Kirk Long stands by to lend a hand.

JP Erram also gets in the act with a two-handed block...too bad he also got the unknown Adamson player on the arm. 

University of the East guard Paul Zamar gets caught by two Adamson Falcons.
Blue Eagle Nico Salva gets a Falcon on the face as Zags Gonzaga goes for the steal.
Two UE players prevent DLSU Rookie sensation Jeron Teng from getting his shot off.
Lastly, and this one's a doozy...
Ateneo's Center Greg Slaughter, a 7 foot behemoth gets slapped on the face and pulled down by the shoulder by 2 UP players and no foul was called! You gotta do what you gotta do to win games but do the referees even need to help out? You see the ref on the bottom left hand corner contemplating something else other than blowing his whistle. Geez Louise!

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