Friday, September 7, 2012

Air Up There

I've got a few pictures of playas slammin' the ball though the hoop taken over the last 4 years.
My first shot was blurry and taken in 2009. Elmer Espiritu of the UE red Warriors wasn't even facing the camera. But I was so happy I got this shot back then.
This next shot is of Emmanuel Mbe of the Adamson Falcons taken during his rookie season. And no he doesn't have that 'fro no more.
Cameroonian Joe Etame who played for JRU. Wicked Dunk!
What makes this remarkable is that Alex Nuyles of the Adamson Falcons doesn't even play the center position but has springy legs that allows him to soar.
Greg Slaughter, Fil-Am center of the Ateneo Blue Eagles takes the cake with 4 photos. Of course having the most number of inches at 84 increases his advantage. How's the weather up there?
Can anyone say Posterized???

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