Friday, October 5, 2012


What happens when an irresistible force meets an immovable object? For geeks or nerds like me, this is a hypothetical question so there is no real answer. There are no such things as irresistible forces or immovable bodies.
In the world of hoops however four things may happen, either:
1. One body gives way and gets knocked down; 2. Another bounces off his antagonist and both tumble down; 
3. A player goes around another; or
4. One can breach the space between two players.
As an example of the first hypothesis, here is Norbert Torres of De La Salle barging against Anthony Hargrove and sending him tumbling down into the hardwood floor. Safe to say Torres gets called for an offensive foul. Timberrrrrr...
Here is another case in point, from an older game. Elmer Espiritu, former center from UE actually chucks former Ateneo center Rabeh Al-Hussaini on the chin as he goes in for a lay up.
As a third example, Paul Sanga formerly of FEU shows us how Newton's 2nd law works. The change of momentum of a body (Sanga's) is proportional to the force impressed on that body by UE's Jairold Flores thus sending him to the floor and on his keister. Sorry, about that... Season 6 of The Bing Bang Theory just started and I got caught up in the lingo. Anyway, I'm sure you got the point.
Lastly, here is NU's Glenn Khobuntin displaying a similar backward fall after he gets bumped by an Adamson player.
The Second of these theories suggests that both bodies would smack into each other and both would drop down. This would normally happen in mid air as shown by former Captain Kirk of Ateneo and an unrecognized San Sebastian Player. Gangway!!
This mid air collision is between Ateneo's Tonino Gonzaga and UE's Ken Acibar.
Almond Vosotros of DLSU, back when he sported more hair on his head, tries to barge into the air space of an imposing Emmanuel Mbe of NU. 
On to the Third Supposition...most of the Photo's so far feature players from the UAAP or combinations, here is one from the NCAA. Letran's Kevin Alas forces his way though the arms of Jeorge Allen of University of Perpetual Help.
Another shows DLSU forward Joshua Webb working his way around a Red Warrior.

On to the Fourth and most interesting of these thesis...
Olan Tampus of DLSU goes in between Ken Rosopa and Adi Santos of UE to create a shot.
UAAP Season 75 revelation Karim Abdul of UST also tries to squeeze in between UE's own surprise player Chris Javier and Jeric Hernandez.

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